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Terracotta Roof Tiles Paint: Can You Paint Terracotta Roof Tiles?

If you are planning to restore your roof in Calgary, you may want to know if you can improve the appearance of your home by painting the terracotta roof tiles.

Is painting the terracotta roof tiles a good idea?

In this post, you will find all the details you need to know about painting terracotta roof tiles from Raico Roofing.


Benefits of Painting Terracotta Roof Tiles

Highlighted below are some reasons why you should paint terracotta roof tiles:


It makes the roof resistant to weather elements

The roof is susceptible to weather elements.

It is deteriorated by heat, debris, rain, and other weather elements.

Terracotta tiles are porous and can absorb water with time.

Thus, terracotta tiles deteriorate slowly if they are exposed to moisture for a long period.

Terracotta absorbs water during the rainy season and may not be able to dry well.

This makes it prone to being affected by mold.

Painting the terracotta roof provides an additional layer of protection, thereby preventing moisture from accumulating.


It improves the color of the roof

Although terracotta is available in different attractive colors, it can also fade thereby affecting the appearance of the home.

When the terracotta roof is painted, it can help in improving the overall aesthetic of the home.

Apart from the color, it is also easy to paint terracotta roofs.

So the roof can be updated within a short period.

If you use spray paint, you can apply color to the whole roof evenly; thereby giving the roof an attractive and new look.


It restores the roof (thereby saving replacement costs)

The terracotta roof is durable.

However, it can be prone to damage during the rainy season as a result of being exposed to moisture.

You can restore the roof by painting it instead of replacing the whole roof.

This will extend the life of the roof and also save you from incurring the huge cost of replacing and installing a new roof.


Disadvantages of Painting Terracotta Roof Tiles

Here are some of the reasons why it is not advisable to paint terracotta roof tiles:


The roof may end up requiring regular maintenance

Although painting the terracotta roof tiles will add an extra layer of protection to the roof, the paint will peel and also flake after some time.

The direct exposure of the paint to weather elements will make it flake and can make the roof look shabby and unappealing.

You will have to keep maintaining the roof when this happens; thereby leading to extra costs.


It may reduce the resale value of the home

Although painting the terracotta tiles will protect the roof and also prevent replacing the tiles, it can depreciate the resale value of the home.

A potential buyer will see a painted terracotta roof as an added cost and can make the potential buyer bargain the resale price of the house.


It can alter the appearance of the home

Although painting the terracotta roof tile will make the home look modern and polished, the home will end up losing its earthy and aged appeal.


Unglazed Terracotta Roof Tiles

These types of roofing materials are porous.

This makes them prone to damage when exposed to wind, salt, and erosion.

This occurrence is common for unglazed terracotta tiles.

Most homeowners prefer unglazed terracotta tiles due to their natural look and appeal.

Unglazed terracotta roof tiles require regular maintenance and cleaning since they do not have a glazed coating that offers extra protection.


Glazed Terracotta Roof Tiles

Although most homeowners love the original appearance and appeal offered by unglazed terracotta roof ties, several homeowners eventually go for glazed terracotta roof tiles.

This is because the glaze protects the roof tiles from weather elements.

This increases the lifespan of the roof and also enhances its functions.


Our verdict: Can You Paint Terracotta Roof Tiles?

It is possible to paint terracotta roof tiles.

However, it is not advisable.

You can paint other roof materials, like metal roofing and cement roof tiles but you should not paint terracotta roof tiles.

Terracotta roof tiles are usually glazed with special paint coating after being manufactured.

This glaze (which is ceramic) is applied in a way that is similar to paint.

After applying it to the porous terracotta clay, it is then baked at a high temperature in a kiln.

During this process, the glaze will melt, fuse, and bond with the clay.

After removing the terracotta from the kiln, it gets hard and creates a smooth, strong, and non-porous surface.

The glaze can be transparent to retain the natural color of the roof.

Artificially colored glazes can also be used to change the look of the tiles.

Since the glaze creates a surface that is strong, durable, and non-porous, the paint will not adhere to the tile properly, thereby hindering it from bonding to the terracotta.

After some time, the paint will start flaking off (usually within a year).

Thus, it is not advisable to paint terracotta roof tiles.


Get Professional Terracotta Roof Tile Restoration

Since we don’t recommend painting, what can you do to improve the condition of your terracotta roof tile?

Raico Roofing can help you restore your terracotta roof tiles in the following ways:

  • Removal of lichen and moss
  • Power washing your roof tiles to get rid of dirt, scum, and grime
  • Rebedding and repointing the ridge cap tiles and replacement of damaged tiles
  • Inspection and replacement of roof flashing, and
  • Cleaning of the gutters


Contact the Licensed Roofing Experts at Raico Roofing for Professional Advice on Roof Painting

Painting terracotta roof tiles has its benefits and disadvantages.

Irrespective of what you decide with your roof, ensure you maintain it to preserve it and extend its life span.

If you want to properly maintain your terracotta roof tile, get in touch with the professional roofers at Raico Roofing.

We are a reputable roofing company that specializes in different roof services, including roof restorations.

Our experienced and skilled experts will offer high-quality restoration services for your terracotta roof tiles.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve the condition of your roof and enhance the curb appeal of your home.

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