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Roofing Materials In Calgary: Popular Roofing Material Options For Calgary Homeowners

There are lots of roofing options that homeowners in Calgary can choose from.

Each of these options has its features and drawbacks that you need to pay attention to before selecting a roofing material for your home.

The huge variety of roofing materials in Calgary makes it hard to choose the best option.

This is usually the case when you don’t know what you will work with.

Luckily for you, Raico Roofing specializes in offering professional roofing services in Calgary.

We are a trusted Calgary roofing company that has many years of comprehensive experience in installing and maintaining different types of roofs in Calgary.


In this guide, we will consider the different roofing materials that you can use in Calgary.


Asphalt Shingles

If you need roofing that can be quickly installed at an affordable rate, then you can choose asphalt shingles.

This type of roof is widely available and can be found in different grain and color styles.

However, if what you need is a long lifespan and eco-friendliness, then asphalt is not the best option for many reasons.

Asphalt shingles are not usually recycled.

In Canada alone, about 1.25 million tonnes of asphalt shingles are disposed of into landfills every year.

Asphalt also releases solvents into the atmosphere in the presence of sunlight.

This makes them deteriorate quickly as a result of heat absorption thereby leading to cracking and warping.

Asphalt roofing has a lifespan of about 12 to 20 years. As a result, they need to be replaced more often than other roofing materials.



If you need a roofing material with a long lifespan, eco-friendliness, and high resistance to weather elements, you need to consider metal roofing.

There are different types of metal roofing available in diverse textures and colors.

Metal roofing can be applied to any type of slope (including flat roofs).

This type of roofing material has the following features:

  • It lasts for at least 50 years
  • Metal roofing can be recycled
  • It is resistant to rotting and fire
  • It sheds snow easily, thereby preventing ice dams
  • It staves off mildew and does not succumb to insect
  • It requires low maintenance

The drawback of metal roofing can be associated with its cost which depends on the type and grade of metal and the features the metal has.

Metal roofing with low grades can be easily damaged by high winds.

They can also be noisy during storms.


Cedar Shake

Cedar shake roofing is ideal for homeowners that appreciate eco-friendliness, affordability, maintenance, and durability.

They create a beautiful and natural look with a traditional appearance.

They are also resistant to wind and rot and have a lifespan of 25 years.

However, cedar shake roofing is susceptible to moss and mildew.

Shingles can also be split by hail.

This type of roofing material has a high installation cost.



Rubber roofing has a long lifespan and it is durable and eco-friendly.

Although rubber is one of the commonest choices for roofs with low and flat slopes, rubber can also be used on roofs with high slopes.

Rubber roofing material is made from recycled tires that are molded to look like other shingle designs.

It requires low maintenance and can be found in different colors.

Rubber also tends to last for at least 5 years.

While the materials are affordable, rubber roofing installation is costly.

The flexible nature of rubber can also make shingles prone to being damaged by wind (just like we discussed for asphalt).



Slate roofing installation is costly.

However, it is very affordable in areas that are not far from quarries.

Slate can be found in older homes.

It can last for centuries if proper maintenance culture is practiced.

Homeowners that install slate on their homes need to ensure that the structure is well reinforced.

Slate is heavier than normal roofing material and the house needs to be well equipped to handle such weight.

The roofing may also require maintenance and repair when the time comes.

It may be hard to find roofers that can handle this type of project because, unlike other roofing materials, slate is common.



Just like slate roofing, clay roofing is very heavy and also durable.

While clay roofing does not have the same longevity as slates, clay can last for at least 50 years.

Clay is so heavy that it can only be installed on homes that have been reinforced to withstand the weight.

Clay roofing has a unique appearance.

Clay tiles usually have a barrel shape and have a slight red-orange color.

This type of roofing material is usually desired in areas where wildfires are rampant (since clays do not burn).

The beauty of clay roofs can be appreciated in homes with Spanish and Mediterranean architecture.

Just like slate roofing, clay roofing requires special maintenance from professional and experienced roofers that are adept at working on clay roofing materials.



Composite roofing is desired for its low maintenance and long lifespan.

This type of roof is usually made from fiberglass or cellulose mat materials that are coated with asphalt and granules.

Composite roofing can look like shingles or wood shakes and they are very realistic.

Composites have a lifespan of at least 50 years and require virtually no maintenance.

They can also withstand extreme weather conditions and can resist rotting and insects.

However, the drawback of composite roofing is that it is expensive.

Its installation takes time and it is not highly recyclable.


Let Raico Roofing Help You Choose The Right Roofing Materials in Calgary

Due to the different types of roofing materials in Calgary, you need to hire a reliable and reputable roofing company in Calgary to help you consider your options.

You need to consider the cost of the roofing materials and compare it with the potential energy savings each roof option will give you.

Although some roofing materials may be expensive, they eventually pay for themselves after a few years due to the energy savings they offer.

Calgary homeowners should get in touch with Raico Roofing to learn more about roofing material options and to also get professional help in choosing the right option for their homes.


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