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Calgary Siding Repair

Looking for siding repair in Calgary?

You can trust Raico Roofing to provide innovative, energy-efficient, and affordable siding repair services in Calgary.

We offer a wide range of siding options that will give your home a new look.

Our experienced Calgary siding repair team at Raico Roofing will repair and install siding that will protect the exterior of your home from pests and weather.

Our service will also insulate your home and make it energy efficient while improving its curb appeal.


Purpose of Siding in Calgary


Siding acts as the latest protective barrier of the home.

It protects the drywall, wall studs, sheathing, and other innermost materials of the home from water.

A broken, cracked, or shifted siding can make water penetrate through the barrier thereby deteriorating the structure and foundation of the home.

Water damage can also cause mold, moss, and mildew growth which can affect the integrity of the home and also increase the cost of repair.

Also, siding protects the home from pests.

Cracked and broken siding can give pests access into the home.

The pest infestation may be difficult and expensive to get rid of.

Detecting that you have issues with siding on time will help you reduce the cost of repairing or replacing your siding.


Energy efficiency

A compromised siding cannot insulate the home properly.

This makes your home drafty and too cold in Calgary winters.

It can also make your home too hot during summer.

This can make your home energy-inefficient thereby increasing utility bills.

To reduce your energy bills, it is important to inspect your siding for cracks and holes that may give access to air trapped in your home to escape.

If your exterior seems to appear fine, it may be old or comprise outdated materials.

Insulated vinyl sidings are known for their durability and ability to reduce energy costs.



Siding improves the curb appeal of the home by making it look attractive and well kept.

A siding that is broken or cracked will lower the value of the home.

In addition to making your home attractive and improving its curb appeal, siding also protects your biggest investment (i.e. your home).

Siding is one of the most important exterior structures and it is effective in providing one of the highest return-on-investment for projects with exterior curb appeal.

If you’re looking for a Calgary siding repair service that will help you fix your broken or cracked siding, or if you want to improve the look and color of your home, Raico Roofing provides the quickest and most affordable solution.

Painting brick, wood, or stucco siding is more expensive due to the material and labor costs involved.

Vinyl siding is more affordable and requires low maintenance.

It can also stand the test of time.


Professional Siding Repair For Calgary Homes

Raico Roofing offers the most affordable and efficient siding repair services.

Through the expertise of our siding contractors, residential homeowners and commercial property owners can have access to a service that will enhance the value of their properties while increasing their energy efficiencies; thereby saving them money.

Our Calgary siding repair services can cater to the following:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Hardie board siding
  • Metal siding
  • Aluminum siding
  • Cedar siding
  • Wood siding

Our team of Calgary siding experts will help you refresh the look of your home by repairing or replacing your old siding.

With years of experience in carrying out siding repairs, our contractors are adept at finding and using the siding product that aligns with your budget and meets your specific needs.


Why Should You Hire Raico Roofing For Your Siding Repair In Calgary?

Raico Roofing is a licensed and insured roofing company that is knowledgeable in offering siding services.

We focus on improving the exterior of the homes of our clients.

We also tackle all types of siding problems due to our experience as the finest siding repair service provider in Calgary.

Raico Roofing also provides FREE consultation and competitive pricing.

As Calgary’s top siding repair, cleaning, and installation service provider, we provide affordable and top-quality residential and commercial siding maintenance services in Calgary.


Same-day service

When you need to repair your siding as fast as possible, trust Raico Roofing.

We are always available for emergency services and can also accommodate same-day siding repair service.

Call us today and we will be with you to attend to your needs.


Competitive prices

If you want to get incredible value without overpaying, turn to Raico Roofing.

We believe that you shouldn’t break the break just because you need essential upgrades.

Call one of our experts for a free quote today.


Expertise in siding repair

We can work on any type or size of siding-related projects; from fixing some shingles to replacing the entire siding.

Our years of experience enable us to work on any project while exceeding your expectations.

Feel free to ask us any questions and we will provide answers as soon as possible.


Customer-friendly service

At Raico Roofing, we put the customers’ interests first.

Our contractors take time to understand our customers’ needs by discussing their concerns and providing answers to their questions.

This enables us to deliver siding repair services that meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers.


Request A FREE Siding Repair Quote Today!

We pride ourselves on the skilled installation of high-quality siding products in Calgary.

Our goal is to offer the best Calgary siding repair service possible; that is why we use only the products that align with our quality standards.

Raico Roofing is proud to be one of the few installers of James Hardie in Calgary.

James Hardie is a leader when it comes to providing cement siding and backboards.

Their products are effective in North America with average temperature and moisture; thereby making James Hardie products the ideal siding for Calgary.

Call Raico Roofing today to discuss your siding repair needs.

Our competitive prices, exceptional customer service, and outstanding warranties will give you an experience that you’ll live to cherish.

Get in touch with us today to make your home a better place through our quality and prompt Calgary siding repair service.


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