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Metal Roofing systems are a very tricky area where most homeowners fail to realize that, even though you have a metal roof installed, it will not last forever nor will be maintenance-free. In today’s market, we have multiple metal products/by-products that promise a lot but in fact, offer a little compared to asphalt shingles and when it comes down to price.

We have installed all kinds of products in the past 10-15 years, almost any type of metal roof, directly as our job or subcontracting it.

When it comes to Metal Roofing systems the biggest question is  –  how will the installation be done?

Depending on your budget and the skillset the contractor has, there will be two types of installs.   Hidden fasteners and exposed fasteners.

Exposed fasteners system  –   A cost-effective system which is quick, usually used on barns but fairly often used on homes too. It can be installed over other products and it does not require a lot of prep work. The fasteners will always be installed on the face of the metal and will require maintenance every 10-15 years depending on areas and fasteners used. Pricing and install time is very different from a hidden fastener product, if you are looking for a reliable roof, but not willing to break the bank in order to get it done, this system is something that can be used.  Most of the systems rely on generic corrugated metal as in the image below.

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